About Us

GreenLight Business Solutions is a cannabis consulting firm that specializes in licensing, organizational development, and educational fundraising services.

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes, and save time, so you can sleep soundly knowing we’re here to carry the load. Whether your organization’s interest is in retail, cultivation, product manufacturing, delivery, on-site consumption or delivery, GreenLight Business Solutions can assist you through every step of the process.

Our team has over 30 years of business development experience, 20 years of legal and regulatory compliance experience, and 12 years of “plant-touching” expertise (Retail, Cultivation, and Product Manufacturing). Let’s discuss how our well-rounded approach can help you achieve success.

Ty Gomes

Ty Gomes

Chief Cannabis Advisor

Ty, is a Cannabis entrepreneur with a decade of experience and is a leading Cannabis expert. Having success in retail, cultivation, product manufacturing, and distribution, Ty is known for developing sound business models and strategies for Cannabis entrepreneurs both large and small.⁠

During year one of legalization in California, Ty’s experience helped secure three licenses for the company he co-founded, Albert Einstone’s, makers of El Blunto and Simply Stoneade. Ty’s brands are currently supported by over 450 retailers throughout California and Arizona.⁠

Ty is also the co-founder of Chill Hill Bean Company, a Cannabis seed bank, and is regularly testing innovative methodologies in pursuit of perfecting commercial cultivation.


Ricardo H. Correia

Chief Business Advisor

Ricardo has over 25 years of business strategy, organizational development and regulatory compliance, Ricardo brings business success methodologies to this evolving industry space.

Since 1995, Ricardo has worked as an organizational development coach, training and human resources consultant focusing on sports, entertainment and media organizations. In addition to his work with professional sports teams, (NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, USTA, NFL), Ricardo works with corporate Cablevision, HBO, BET, New York Stock Exchange, BURBERRY and many small business clients. He has presented to over 150,000 participants, and over 10,000 professional athletes focusing on professional development and organizational success.

His specialty areas include the development and delivery of training programs for high profile talent, athletes and executives in addition to all levels of corporate staff. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, an author and a passionate advocate of Social Equity opportunities. He also addresses organizations, associations, and corporations on the key elements of achieving success both personally and professionally. 

Barbara Gonzalez

Barbara Gonzalez, M.Ed

Director of Organizational Development

Originally from Argentina, Barbara is a Boston College graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. After graduation, she spent various years as a Director of Operations and coach at the collegiate level while working to obtain two master’s degrees in Education Counseling and Global Education from Providence College. By using her coaching experience, Barbara is able to not only focus on supporting client goals but also rely on her expertise, knowledge, and experience to find unique ways to address client needs. Barbara takes pride on her high attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities. Her extensive educational background, proficiency in Spanish, and love of continuous learning and professional development has prepared her to tackle business issues from a variety of perspectives.

As a self-motivated and passionate leader in the ever-changing world, Barbara fosters a supportive work environment where all voices are heard and celebrated. Her well-rounded understanding of strategy and vision has allowed her to assist her team to quickly and effectively accomplish company goals.

As a former athlete, Barbara is an advocate and supporter of the benefits of cannabis consumption and enthusiastic to see progress in major professional leagues across the country on testing as it pertains to removing cannabis from the performance enhancing drug list. With the continuous booming of the industry, Barbara wants to see marginalized and disproportionally affected individuals be involved and build successful businesses in the cannabis world. At GreenLight, Barbara helps our clients through that process while making sure they are provided with all the tools and knowledge to experience sustainable growth.

Barbara Gonzalez

Amy J Smith

Project Coordinator

Amy’s introduction to the cannabis industry came in 2010, opening the door to the management of retail operations, affording a privileged vantage point to witness the industry’s gradual evolution. During those beginning years, she developed a community model for retail, while learning from individuals who fervently championed the medicinal attributes of cannabis and pushed for the potential of hemp.

As the years unfolded and film school ended, her dedication to community compelled her to jump into grassroots policy organizing and campaigning. Amy actively contributed her creative skills to causes by serving on the steering committee for state policy and volunteering for grassroots candidates. Now, returning to the cannabis industry, armed with an unwavering commitment to the community’s continued growth and progress.

Barbara Gonzalez

Greg Huffaker

Application Writer
Greg has spent his career optimizing cannabis plans and businesses. At Greenlight, Greg writes application materials as well as supporting the rest of the team in serving clients. Greg has worked in cannabis in over 30 states, and helped launch cannabis businesses in a variety of capacities. He spent over four years leading the consulting arm of Canna Advisors, the largest cannabis consulting firm in the United States. There, he planned and won applications for hundreds of cannabis companies, as well as consulted for cannabis businesses in a variety of matters.

Prior to working at Canna Advisors, Greg Huffaker worked on a national database of cannabis and hemp laws. He created the NCIA’s 50-state map of cannabis laws there. He is a current member of the NCIA Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and was previously a member of the NCIA’s State Regulations Committee for four years. Greg has also worked with municipalities and states to draft their cannabis laws. Greg is a graduate of Hamilton College and Cardozo Law School. He speaks and writes regularly regarding the cannabis industry.


A collaborative effort towards a common goal. (Each one teaches one)


Being honest and having strong moral principles. Doing the right thing especially when no one is looking. (Currency of trust)


Discipline and commitment to a task or purpose. (Stick-to-itiveness)


The pathway to deep understanding. (The pioneer’s compass)


Due regard for the boundaries, rights, and authority of others.


Is not simply taking the blame when something goes wrong. It’s not a confession. Accountability is about delivering on a commitment. It’s a responsibility to an outcome. It’s taking initiative with thoughtful, strategic follow-through. It’s not personal, it’s the law that allows the team to maintain the team. It requires us to say what needs to be said to defend the greater good of the team.


The capacity and desire to understand what another person is experiencing


Quality of being open, direct in expression; frankness. Candor dramatically improves the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.