Breaking Down the Importance of a Budtender

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Have you ever walked into a dispensary, medical or recreational, only to find that the budtenders are less than educated on their products? Worse, have you ever hired a budtender and found out they were going against company policy or state law in your dispensary? Informed and ethical budtenders are the key to professionalism, repeat customers, and the safety of any cannabis business. Ensuring that your budtenders are doing their jobs and helping to educate your customers on the potential benefits of your cannabis products and the differences between various strains and product types. While one might think that sales and marketing are the keys to running a successful dispensary, your customers will come back time and time again if they feel  valued and that your business knowledge is top tier.


As medical cannabis research progresses and laws governing plant use become more liberal, an increasing number of people will seek out cannabis to improve the quality of their lives. As legal barriers fall, it is critical that the cannabis industry does not create its own barriers by hiring staff that is lacking proper knowledge. Keep in mind that new dispensary customers may be disconcerted by an identification check at the door, and the configuration of the facility required by state law.


What to look for in a budtender?


A well-informed budtender in any state should have the following skills:

  • Ability to establish a personal rapport with customers
  • Offering a warm welcome
  • Enquiring about a customer’s needs and wants
  • Directing the customer to the cannabis products that will best meet their needs
  • Providing customers with a simple, open explanation of cannabis terminology without making customers feel ill-informed.
  • Reassuring customers about confidentiality and following state laws


Comprehensive knowledge about the different cannabis varieties and delivery methods:

  • Ability to explain varietal differences to customers
  • Ability to explain and recommend proper delivery methods to customers
  • Ability to accurately gauge customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular cannabis product in order to redirect them to a product which is more suitable to them on their next visit.

Passion for the cannabis industry and your dispensary products:

  • Ability to positively interact with customers and give them confidence in the cannabis products at your dispensary
  • Intimate knowledge of each and every product offered, particularly new offerings
  • Following company policy and state law at all times


Why are budtenders are so important?

A budtender is much more than a salesperson. He or she is a cannabis confidant, advisor, and expert. It should go without saying that a well-informed and ethical budtender is always professional and warm. Many customers have medical issues and should be treated with care.

Budtenders must scrupulously follow every regulation and present themselves in a way that inspires confidence by dressing properly, speaking precisely, and treating the mission of introducing cannabis to the general public as the great responsibility it is.


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