Canadians Seem to Love Cannabis!

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Author: Connor Lieberman

August 6th, 2020

We all know cannabis sales are undoubtedly rising with the outbreak of Covid-19, but I could have never imagined the spike in sales in Canada! First of all, all cannabis products, not just pure cannabis, are soaring in popularity. Charlotte McLeod writes, “According to the analysts, cannabis beverages are becoming more popular and easier to get ahold of.” This proves that not only pure cannabis is increasing in popularity, but all products that relate to cannabis are skyrocketing. 

In other news, in May, Canada broke a record for monthly Cannabis sales. Despite the turmoil in Ontario regarding the fact that private stores in the province would soon no longer be able to offer in store purchases, total sales for the country came in at nearly C$186 million for the month. The previous record for monthly sales was just over C$181 million, which was set in March. Interestingly enough, the record for monthly sales was broken one month apart from each other. Charlotte McLeod also writes “Commenting on the data, Prohibition Partners said that sales in Canada totaled C$850 million for the first five months of the year, meaning that sales could surpass C$2 billion for the entire year.” It is clear to see, the public is placing more importance in Cannabis. Cannabis sales are continuously going up, and that trend is not stopping anytime soon. If one were to want to get into the Cannabis industry, now would be the time to do so, with the ideal countries to start in being The United States, and Canada.  


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