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Which Company Can Best Help Me Start My Cannabis Business in Massachusetts?

Since the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts many people have been anxious to enter the cannabis industry. What many people don’t realize is how tough it is to legally enter this space. Between politics, financial restraints and licensing (just to name a few) there’s an endless amount of barriers that stand in the way. Is it impossible to start a cannabis business? Absolutely not!

There are three main groups of people trying to get into this industry.

  • One, you have your investor. These people have a ton of money they would like to pour into the market because of the high returns. However, they don’t want to physically, in any way, be part of the actual operation.
  • Second, you have the cannabis expert. This person knows everything that needs to be known to cultivate, make consumer products, market their brand, but they don’t have the funds to get started. This group is best paired with the investors mentioned above.
  • Third, you have the expert with money. This person is actually quite rare. To have all of the knowledge of running a cannabis business like a dispensary and to actually have the funding to put up to make it happen.

So what exactly stops most people from successfully starting their marijuana business? The knowledge, connections and following the proper steps in complying with the state of Massachusetts.

That’s where a cannabis consulting company comes in. A consulting company is comprised of a group of industry experts, not just in cannabis, but in business, finances, marketing and so much more. These are the things that it takes to successfully get started.

Take a company like GreenLight Business Solutions. If you look at their team page, you’ll see that it’s built around all of the knowledge in every aspect of starting a cannabis business especially in Massachusetts. Their team are experts at every single aspect of the cannabis industry including the legal and business side.

If you would like a free consultation with them they will give you an hour of their time. This is when you can find out how they can help you start your cannabis business in Massachusetts whether it may be a dispensary, cultivation or investing money into the industry. You name it and GreenLight can help you.

GreenLight can be reached at 617-475-8604 or [email protected]


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