Drive-Thru’s are Money Makers

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By: Karley Grady
Date: August 24, 2021


The sample of data indicates that states with drive-thru dispensaries earn more revenue than their counterparts.


The Healing Research Center is a medical marijuana dispensary located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. In recent news, the Center has announced its plans to expand its territory into Pittsburgh, but with a twist. The Pittsburgh location will operate the company’s first drive-thru medical marijuana dispensary! According to the business, this location will “feature 4 drive-through bays and will be open to medical marijuana patients on July 30, 2021.”

Drive-thru marijuana establishments have become common due to their efficient service, similar to fast-food restaurants. The company’s addition of the window will expand their market reach by appealing to customers who prefer speedy service, rather than visiting in-store. Furthermore, the accessibility and convenience of drive-thru’s have proven significant success in the restaurant industry. Since speedy service is consistently chosen by consumers, marijuana drive-thru’s could potentially see the same success as fast-food restaurants.

States like Arizona, Michigan, Florida, California, Colorado, and Nevada are few of the many that contain drive-thru marijuana establishments. Although these unique services are located in these states, the legality of drive-thru’s is mainly determined by local cities or towns. For example, the city council of Portland, Oregon has prohibited drive-thru marijuana dispensaries. However, the City of Ontario located in Oregon has permitted the drive-thru services to establishments such as The Bud House. Another city that prohibited marijuana drive-thru’s is Danbury, located in Connecticut. Danbury rejected the request for drive-thru’s before the state legalized retail sales. Last but not least, many cities in Massachusetts have banned drive-thru marijuana services as well.

Do the states that contain marijuana drive-thru’s produce more revenue than the states that lack them? In the year 2020, The Motley Fool recorded the annual marijuana tax revenue:

  • California, over $1 billion;
  • Colorado, $387.4 million;
  • Nevada, $105.1 million;
  • Arizona, estimated $183.1 million;
  • Michigan, estimated $288.1 million.


States that lack drive-thru services:

  • Massachusetts, $81.7 million;
  • Oregon, $133.1 million;
  • Illinois, $52.7 million;
  • Alaska, $23.8 million;
  • Maine, estimated $50.6 million.


The sample of data indicates that states with drive-thru dispensaries earn more revenue than their counterparts.

Restaurants were one of the first to adopt drive-thru’s, proving a major success; one that marijuana can achieve. Incorporating drive-thru’s in the marijuana industry has secured millions in sales, and is expected to grow significantly. By encouraging cities and towns to permit drive-thru services with the associated safety precautions, communities could collect additional revenue through local taxes and fees. Local taxes and fees paid by marijuana establishments ultimately benefit infrastructures, sidewalks, roads, and public services.  An effective approach to encouraging cities could be federal legalization or the observation of states that thrive with these services.






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