Greenlight Hits the Road: MJBiz Con

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Greenlight at MJBiz Con

In one of the most exciting times, in one of the most rapidly growing industries within this country, MJBiz Con brings together the brightest and boldest entrepreneurs and companies from across the country for a week of networking, education, exposure, and fun! Greenlight Business Solutions plans to take advantage of this amazing opportunity sending multiple team members to Las Vegas for this year’s event: Ty Gomes, Chief Cannabis Advisor; Jessica Landress, Legal and Equity Advisor; Barbara Gonzalez, Director of Organizational Development; Shiloh Puello, Project Coordinator; and Jamaal Silva, Associate. All will be making the trip down to Las Vegas to connect with other companies from across the nation.

As the date comes closer and closer, we are growing more excited about the opportunity we at Greenlight have by attending MJBiz Con. As an ancillary business working in the B2B market, our potential to reach others and expand our services with companies around the country is greater than ever. Like any trade show, we are approaching this event with a mindset of growth and openness, looking to foster new relationships and learn a lot along the way as well. Not only for ourselves, but our Greenlight team is eager to show our clients around and help them foster new connections and relationships, get them in front of the right people and businesses, and help them amplify their brand. We look forward to meeting everyone and to sharpening our knowledge to aid our clients with their goal of becoming cannabis entrepreneurs themselves.



This year’s lineup of speakers features over 180 cannabis professionals with success and cannabis business acumen from Founders to CEOs and leaders of national social equity programs.

Here is the lineup of keynote and main stage speakers for this year’s event:

  • Berner
    • Co-founder and CEO of Cookies
  • Rhonda Kallman
    • Founder and CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery
  • Chris Walsh
    • CEO of MJBiz
  • Nancy Whiteman
    • Co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands
  • Toi Hutchinson
    • Marijuana Policy Project
  • Ruben Lindo
    • Founder of Blak Mar Farms, LLC
  • Peter Caldini
    • CEO of Acreage Holdings
  • Troy Datcher
    • CEO of The Parent Company


Networking Events

Aside from the usual show floor and speakers, MJ Biz Con will also host dedicated networking events to help connect like-minded companies and individuals with different points of emphasis and connection for each.

This year’s networking events will include the following:

  • First-Timers Open House
  • Achieving Equity in Cannabis
  • Empowering Women in Cannabis

These will foster an environment that welcomes people attending for the first time as well as equity and inclusion within the cannabis community.


Overall, MJ Biz Con is the event of the year for anyone who is serious about being in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re on the plant touching side or not, there is a place for everyone!

Jacob Codo
Content Writer at GreenLight Business Solutions

As a fourth year journalism student at the University of South Carolina, Jacob is passionate about providing the most up-to-date stories. Jacob follows Illinois news, cannabis advertising, cannabis in sports and first-time cannabis consumers. With experience in product manufacturing and customer relations, Jacob adds immense value to the team. Currently, Jacob resides in Chicago and has experience working with the Chicago White Sox.


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