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Lets Get Cannabis to Work

Want to enter the cannabis industry but don’t know how? There are different platforms that cater to cannabis careers. Learn how to stick out.

An Insight into Cannabis Culture

What does culture in cannabis mean? As the industrialization of cannabis develops state to state, many entities are entering the cannabis space with capital but ignore cannabis culture. Often times, these new companies overlook cannabis legacy stakeholders that have...

What to do Before Your State Legalizes

Are there certain steps individuals advocating for cannabis should take? New York and Connecticut have recently both put out warnings on gifting cannabis before proper licensing for retail sales are put into place, but legalization would not have been possible without...

The Future of Cannabis in Sports Advertising

Throughout the 2010s and now into the new decade, all four of the professional sports leagues in America, the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, have all eased their stances on the use of marijuana. Each league, in one way or another, has allowed for the consumption of cannabis...

MA Addresses Barrier to Entry and HCAs to Diversify Cannabis

The MA legislature is expected to pass Bill S 2801, which would tighten restrictions and enhance current oversight on the host community agreements marijuana business are required to enter into with their host communities. A host community agreement is a contract negotiated between a municipality and a marijuana establishment that includes all terms necessary for the marijuana establishment to operate in the municipality.