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What does culture in cannabis mean? As the industrialization of cannabis develops state to state, many entities are entering the cannabis space with capital but ignore cannabis culture. Often times, these new companies overlook cannabis legacy stakeholders that have operated under scrutiny and stigmatization for decades. Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and the high financial barrier is vastly favoring those who have not contributed to a legacy that was manifested by cannabis culture therefore creating inequality.

Cannabis in Music

Pioneers and entertainers like Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dog, and Willie Nelson as well as notable icons like Steven DeAngelo have always advocated for cannabis while contributing to cannabis culture. The most notable example of effective cannabis culture contribution is Cookies owner Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. aka Berner, but cannabis serves as his core mission. He’s a talented and passionate artist, but Berner encompasses the Cookies brand with every move he makes. Berner obviously loves his brand and the brand’s community. That’s why he’s so involved with everything Cookies does and is truly part of the cannabis culture. Berner even brings his passion for cannabis culture to his music. One of his albums with hip hop legend B-Real, Prohibition, features cannabis-centric songs like Shatter and Smokers. B-Real is also part owner of Dr. Greenthumb’s a cannabis culture brand who at Hall of Flowers 22 Palm Springs took initiative in highlighting legacy craft cultivars. These cannabis brands provide valuable insight on how to contribute to cannabis culture with a profitable business model.

Cannabis in Sports

Cannabis culture is even being supported by professional athletes as well as retired pros. Recently NBA star Kevin Durant was interviewed by David Letterman and speaks about how he supports cannabis culture. At the 2022 NBA All-Star weekend retired Philadelphia 76er and NBA top 75 legend Allen Iverson was seen court side with 1 pound of cannabis “Iverson ‘01” a strain cultivated by Viola a cannabis brand owned by former NBA player Al Harrington who also advocates for athletes using cannabis as an alternative to prescription medication. From a wellness and therapeutic perspective cannabis is an alternative medicine athletes should consider and collaborating with cannabis companies can connect these athletes stories with cannabis consumers while giving cannabis brands an organic method to translate brand recognition into sales. More and more athletes and public figures are sharing their cannabis journey as well as contributing to cannabis culture.

Having a Back Story to Build Brand Enthusiasm 

What cannabis brands are missing is that a good product isn’t enough to make you memorable. It’s all about the story associated with your brand. Think Apple, Nike, Tesla — they’re not cannabis companies, but even if you’ve never purchased any of their products you know their brand story. I have been someone to live by the phrase “actions speak louder than words” which translates into my preferred cannabis brands but I find myself more invested in brand culture. Brands that not only tell an authentic story but also contribute to cannabis culture consistently and for some cannabis companies this can be difficult when the focus is profits. Creating an authentic story that ties into the customer experience, that’s what Cookies and other cannabis companies has done effectively, they understood the importance of stories, not just “good product”. Cannabis companies investing in cannabis culture development are not only supporting cannabis but planting their own seeds of brand recognition and hoping

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Anthony was born in Bronx, NY. He grew up with the indelible mindset that an individual only deserves what he or she works for and a person was only as good as their word. It would be no surprise that with solid core values to guide Anthony that a young “Canasuer” would excel at literally any venture he pursued.

Intrigued by music, he saw the one-time student of legacy cannabis go on to excel as a top-rated hospitality and event promoter whose passion for hosting popular VIP events that connect politicians, chefs, doctors, influencers, athletes and creative artists with each other and would lead to him realizing his first dream of liberating and assisting those affected most by the War on Drugs. Convinced that legal marijuana can change the economic trajectory for people of color globally is why I work so tirelessly on the massive opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer. As a catalyst for economic growth within the “black" and “brown" community is the badge of honor so proudly worn by a one of a kind human.


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