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When it comes to searching for a career path in the job market it is important to find something that you are truly passionate about. They say, “when you love what you do, you can never get tired of going to work.” Many are looking into entering the emerging cannabis market, whether it be opening a Marijuana Establishment or becoming/operating an ancillary business.

Vangst can be one of your final destinations in the cannabis careers industry and is considered one of the cannabis industry’s leading hiring platforms. Recently, the company has announced the completion of its $19 million Series B financing. Vangst platform brings the community closer together, with communal forums where you can introduce different job groups in different fields in the cannabis industry, for example, operations, cultivation, and social equity. Vangst also allows individuals to network with recruiters all in one place. Platforms like this give the job seeker a first-hand look at the new world of cannabis. Many traditional job skills can be transferable to the cannabis industry. You get most of the platform when you network with your community of like-minded people.

The Cannabis Jobs Board (“CJB”) is another highly used website when searching for a career in the cannabis industry. Like many other job posting sites, one creates a profile, uploads their resume and can begin their job hunt. Employers can also create a profile to list openings. CJB provides cannabis training to start and enhance ones cannabis career with training that is driven by industry leaders. CJB also works with employers to train, coach, upskill and reskill their employees to work with the very best cannabis industry jobs based on best practices.

Last year Leafly Jobs reported that 321,000 Americans are now working in the cannabis industry outnumbering the country’s dentists, paramedics, and electrical engineers. Partnered with over 1,200 leading businesses, Vangst is working with some of the most notable names in the industry, such as Green Thumb Industries, Dutchie, and Holistic Industries. As the first and only platform in the industry, it has filled more than 150,000 part-time jobs since it launched in 2018.

As many states are looking to legalize cannabis, many businesses are in the beginning stages, which is expected to grow significantly by 2025. As a result, Vangst plans to expand its platform to support the influx of workers. The cannabis industry is expected to grow significantly in the next decade, which is why Karson Humiston, the Founder, and CEO of Vangst, is passionate about helping people find their dream job in the industry. It never hurts to look and see what is out there in the new emerging job market. Possibilities are endless, especially since post-pandemic, many are also in the process of making career changes.

How can young individuals find this helpful?

Currently, I am in law school to pursue a career in Cannabis Law. However, even in the early stages for internships and externships, it can be difficult for one to find something within the cannabis space. As Cannabis Law Society President, I want to provide my members with as many opportunities as possible by making them aware of current openings. With little help from LinkedIn and Indeed, I have turned to Vangst and CJB to search for opportunities that my members will find intriguing.

As more and more young people are finding their way throughout the industry, it is important for others to give back by letting people know of opportunities as they become available. Networking in the cannabis industry is also highly recommended, if not required. The amount of notable individuals in this field is high, but the overall community is so small that you will quickly become known if you make yourself known. That is why platforms like Vangst and Cannabis Jobs Board are so important to become a part of because even if you are already in the industry, these two platforms also provide different networking opportunities and training programs.


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Born and raised in Bronx, NY, Amber is a Cannabis Advocate & Small Business owner. She has a passion for helping people no matter any room that she steps into. Amber's philosophy is that since we take from this earth, we must give back. A future with cannabis means positivity, sustainability, and groundbreaking innovations. Amber is excited to see what comes next.


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