Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good: Eudaimonia Health

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This week GreenLight Business Solutions would like to shine the spotlight on one of our magnificent clients, Eudaimonia Health, LLC.

In 2014, Dr. Frank McCormick founded Eudaimonia and set out on a firm mission: to optimize human wellness.  Following the founding of Eudaimonia Health, LLC, Dr. McCormick has managed to remain rooted, inspired, and maintain sharp focus on the meaning behind Eudaimonia itself. Eudaimonia is a Greek word for being in a state of “good spirit,” however the philosophy behind it goes much deeper. To Frank, Eudaimonia empowers the concept of the state of human flourishing.

With Eudaimonia, Frank has been able to spread his philosophy and help countless people to understand exactly what it means, and what it takes, to live well. As an orthopedic surgeon, and U.S. Veteran, Frank has seen the benefits of cannabis first-hand to fellow Veteran patients as well. Through his philosophy, he has been able to execute on Eudaimonia’s three core tenants of happiness: Physical, Mental, and Social Health. It is Frank’s belief that these three tenants work hand-in-hand to better your life and make you happy.

The company has found its way to the forefront of this new scientific frontier by observing and harnessing the power of plants – most notably the use of Cannabis to aid in their efforts to maximize human happiness. Frank and his team are motivated by their client’s determination to live a better life and want nothing more than to help you maximize your own potential. With the intention of reaching Eudaimonia, they believe it is their mission to provide people with the resources, tools, and understandings they need to take the steps and spark real, tangible change. All the while deepening their scientific understanding of the cannabis plant and the practical potential of all of its benefits.

In line with the company’s three core philosophical pillars, Eudaimonia focuses on self-care exercises, natural foods, and community engagement. Recognizing the dangers of all the shortcuts people may take to happiness: alcohol, drug abuse, and unhealthy foods, Eudaimonia educates and guides people to find their own true, honest paths to happiness. In order to accomplish this, Eudaimonia taps into the regulatory potential of the body’s endocannabinoid system, as it holds the capacity to enhance mood, manage daily functions, and elevate one’s feelings.

Frank truly believes that Eudaimonia health will play a crucial role in retooling cannabis to achieve a new understanding and state of human happiness. Aiming to help people everywhere maximize their potential for happiness in ways never thought possible, Eudaimonia is determined to help people look, feel and do good. Their scientific approach to endocannabinoid utilization will set them apart to reach this critical goal.

Eudaimonia is helping build a world where they can enable members to swiftly and easily achieve states of relaxation, calmness, laughter, mental exploration, and sexual intimacy. Through their natural growth techniques, social responsibility, and good manufacturing processes, Eudaimonia Health will empower more people to experience life to its fullest potential.

Jacob Codo
Content Writer at GreenLight Business Solutions

As a fourth year journalism student at the University of South Carolina, Jacob is passionate about providing the most up-to-date stories. Jacob follows Illinois news, cannabis advertising, cannabis in sports and first-time cannabis consumers. With experience in product manufacturing and customer relations, Jacob adds immense value to the team. Currently, Jacob resides in Chicago and has experience working with the Chicago White Sox.


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