Making the Industry 50/50

by Shiloh Puello | Cannabis News | 0 comments

As more states continue to legalize Adult-Use Cannabis and its sale, we are reminded of how many lives have been affected by its prohibition. We look particularly at areas that have been disproportionately impacted and how marginalized groups faced the brunt of its negative effects. In Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission has dedicated efforts towards creating an equitable and diverse cannabis market. Part of the Massachusetts application process is a Plan for Positive Impact on these affected communities.The Positive Impact Plan deals with benefiting areas of disproportionate impact and/or disproportionately harmed people as defined by the commission.

In order to make even bigger impacts on these communities, GreenLight Business Solutions is introducing the “50/50 Club” to the industry. 

How It Works

How the 50/50 club works is, a licensed cannabis business will dedicate 50% of the net revenue (net profit) to be funneled back into worthy causes within its state’s underserved community. This can take on many different forms, for instance, the money may go towards the creation of a community garden, educational resources for struggling small businesses, or scholarships or the redevelopment of a community center within a town that has been identified as an area of disproportionate impact. 

50/50 Club Goals

One of the goals within the 50/50 club’s Positive Impact Plan is to partner with organizations whose mission(s) benefit disproportionately harmed individuals and could make a positive impact.​​ Still, some organizations are not legally allowed to accept funding from the cannabis industry. In order to ensure that funds are being deployed in an impactful way, City Solutions, a Massachusetts based nonprofit organization, is partnering with cannabis businesses to allocate funds back into the community and ensure those who are in need are able to benefit from Positive Impact Plans.

Project Coordinator at GreenLight Business Solutions