Meet Shiloh: The Driven Project Manager Making an Impact in the Cannabis Industry

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Meet Shiloh, a driven and accomplished Project Manager at Greenlight. Originally from Massachusetts, Shiloh graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Organizational Communications and a minor in Human Resource Development before starting her professional career in Arlington, Virginia.

Throughout college, Shiloh excelled in leadership, interpersonal communication, and writing. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, she held positions in tech and customer service, but her desire to bring a human touch to the professional world led her to become a Project Manager in the cannabis industry.

As a Project Manager, Shiloh has thrived by drawing on her leadership experience from various collegiate organizations. Her ability to connect with others and build strong relationships has been critical to her success at Greenlight.

When Shiloh isn’t busy managing projects at work, she loves spending time with loved ones, hiking, and exploring new culinary experiences.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve in the US, Shiloh is dedicated to being a part of changing the conversation around cannabis and educating others on its benefits and uses. With her outstanding leadership skills and passion for the industry, Shiloh is sure to make a significant impact as a Project Manager at Greenlight.