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This November marks the return of MJ Bizcon, one of the largest conventions for entrepreneurs within one of the fastest growing industries in the country. MJ BizCon has been featured in several national publications such as CNBS, Forbes, HuffPost, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal. The expo is held in Las Vegas, Nevada and spans four days from November 15th – November 18th and features shows, a show floor, captivating speakers, and a once-a-year opportunity to grow the reach of your brand and company. Let’s take a look at what this year’s event has in store!



MJ BizCon is a national conference designed for entrepreneurs and innovators to get connected with countless cannabis industry leaders and investors to gain invaluable insight, expertise, and valuable relationships. The expo will include more than 1,400 exhibitors scattered throughout a space of over 320,000 square feet, all looking to get their name and brand out there for the cannabis world to see. The expo will feature several knowledgeable speakers from around all aspects of the cannabis industry to help you gain a thorough and well-rounded understanding of how the cannabis world operates.

New to this year’s show is a re-organized expo space designed to get attendees straight to the vendors they need, helping facilitate valuable business relationships between companies. This year will also feature an outdoor experience which will open the space and provide an area for potential product-sampling.


The Exposition

The expo floor will feature more than 1,400 industry members who come from various business operations. The expo floor will be segmented into four different and distinct pavilions to get attendees exactly where they’re looking to go.

According to MJ BizCon’s website, the four spaces will be broken down as follows:

  1. Cultivation Products & Services – From seeds and clones to fertigation, irrigation, nutrients, facility design, greenhouse components, and lighting, you’ll find what you need to boost your revenue and grow beautiful flowers.
  2. Processing, Packaging & Lab Services – Get that raw product ready for sale whether you need distillation, extraction, flavors, automation, packaging, or testing and lab equipment.
  3. Retail & Dispensary – Everything your customers or patients need including top brands, high-THC flower and infused products, CBD and even paraphernalia. Your place to boost your basket size.
  4. Business Services – Critical products and services for all aspects of cannabis business including cannabis-specific point of sale and inventory control software, the latest technology, security, HR and staffing, marketing, consulting, banking, private equity and investing, accounting, real estate, insurance, government, and industry associations. All the help you need.

The chart below depicts who attends MJ Biz con. As you can see, of all the companies’ backgrounds in attendance, the majority are from non-plant touching backgrounds. These are what are known as Ancillary Businesses. These are Business-to-Business (B2B) firms that operate in a similar fashion that we at GreenLight do. These types of companies play a critical role in aiding cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers to streamline their operations and realize their maximum potential.

Another point to take note of within these graphs is the positions of the attendees representing each company. Just over half of all attendees are C-level executives or founding partners for their respective firms. This is beneficial because it allows ease of access and the ability to connect with the highest-ranking members and decision-makers. Direct connections with these individuals are a fantastic way to facilitate business relationships and grow your companies reach.


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