Money in Cannabis:

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The legal cannabis market is projected to reach $45 billion by 2025. However, with cannabis still being federally illegal, it is difficult for people to view this type of industry as a career option. Once those who do make it through the weeds and enter the industry, they quickly realize how lucrative it is, and projected to be in the coming years.

According to the Washington Post, “An estimated 321,000 Americans now work in the industry, a 32 percent increase from last year. Countless jobs within the cannabis industry are available in states that have legalized adult use and medical cannabis, while states await legality it’s clear that this would lead to endless opportunity for jobs to be created when laws are shifted.” With the passing of legal cannabis in two states this past election, there is no doubt that the cannabis market is expanding – which translates to an increase in job openings.

When the knowledge of legal cannabis travels from one Cannabis user to the next it creates an expanding customer base. Demand for legal cannabis has been projected to grow from 24% of cannabis transactions in 2020 to 42% by 2025. These projections leave a lot of promise behind for anyone that has the desire to have an exciting and always-changing career in cannabis. The industry calls to those who are passionate, want to aid their communities, and make money while doing it.


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