Myth: More THC is Better

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Consumers associate the effects of cannabis with THC or CBD, turning the best-known cannabinoids into the most important when shopping for flower and related products. When looking for a product, it’s about the cannabis composition and all the molecules that are present. Each cannabis consumer and patient have effects that are unique to them. Different delivery methods create different experiences and being informed about cannabis will help establish your preferred product and consumption method. Method of consumption is very important given that different delivery methods create different experiences.

Product inconsistency can impact results and Certificate Of Analysis (“COA”) are often limited in the information provided. It is critical to know and understand the labeling for evert cannabis product, but often labels can be confusing. The Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC”) set standards for cannabis product labeling. Regulations require labels to contain specific information, such as the amount of THC content tested by a licensed cannabis testing lab. When growers, retailers, and consumers decide to focus strictly on THC content, terpene preservation falls to the wayside. The terpene profile is an essential component of the cannabis entourage effect (the theory that various cannabis compounds work together to create unique effects and benefits).

Terpene to Cannabinoid ratio for a Balanced Cannabis Composition

Cannabinoids modulate the strength, potency, and intensity of effects. Terpenes influence the direction and overall feel of effects. Think of cannabinoids being the fuel to the car and terpenes are your hands on the wheel. This relates to cannabis therapies with, for instance, the need to mitigate anxiety for a certain amount of time. The consumer or patient needs to know if said product can manage anxiety for said amount of time as best as possible.

The mission is to educate yourself on the composition of cannabis by placing emphasis on terpene content that results in longer-lasting and more effective products. Understanding and asking your brands how are you producing these products, how consistent are they, and how are you controlling your sourcing and your product production stream? How the product was processed affects its delivery and efficacy. A chemical classification system is the first step toward being able to anticipate certain physiological effects. Conscious cannabis consumption complemented by cannabis composition to reach the desired entourage effect is not as simple as more THC and to be blunt it’s just not educated.

Knowledge comes to those who seek it. Taking the initiative to educate yourself is the first step to finding out what works best for each individual, this also applies to cannabis consumption. Resources are available, such as House of Puffs YouTube Channel on learning “How to recognize good cannabis flower” by explaining some key components to identifying cannabis flower.

Below is a list of resources that can make your cannabis journey an educated path to consumption:

We hope that these insights on the complex world of cannabis terpenes have empowered you to better choose cannabis products for your unique and personal needs. To learn more, visit the recommended sites above.


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