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Community College of Denver Launches Cannabis Business Degree Program

The program prepares students to become business managers and operators within the cannabis industry. “CCD is committed to not only creating meaningful career opportunities for our community, but we are also in the unique position to lead in diversifying the cannabis industry,” said Dr. Marielena DeSanctis, President of CCD.

Can I smoke weed legally at the shore?

Governor Murphy stated, “broken and indefensible marijuana laws
are no more.” However, there are still many dos and don’ts when it comes to marijuana possession and consumption. Here is everything you need to know about bringing marijuana to your trip down the shore this summer:

How Cannabis Can Impact Anesthesia & Surgery

Although cannabis has a number of health benefits, when interacting with other drugs it can be extremely dangerous. When it comes to cannabis and anesthesia, the combination can be very harmful.

Drive-Thru’s are Money Makers

The Pittsburgh location will operate the company’s first drive-thru medical marijuana dispensary! According to the business, this location will “feature 4 drive-through bays and will be open to medical marijuana patients on July 30, 2021.” The sample of data indicates that states with drive-thru dispensaries earn more revenue than their counterparts.

South Carolina Tempted for Legalization?

South Carolina’s government has finally voiced its recent opinions on the topic of marijuana. Multiple officials have strongly opposed the legalization of marijuana, with one exception—treatments.

Connecticut: The 19th State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Supporting Ned Lamont is House Majority Leader Jason Rojas, who had told reporters, “This is the best bill in the country and it’s going to move us in a direction of ensuring that we provide a well-regulated marketplace for adult-use cannabis for adults who want to participate in that kind of activity.”

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