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MA Addresses Barrier to Entry and HCAs to Diversify Cannabis

The MA legislature is expected to pass Bill S 2801, which would tighten restrictions and enhance current oversight on the host community agreements marijuana business are required to enter into with their host communities. A host community agreement is a contract negotiated between a municipality and a marijuana establishment that includes all terms necessary for the marijuana establishment to operate in the municipality.

Cannabis Edibles Are Raising Issues

Nowadays, there are increasing controversies on whether consuming cannabis edibles or smoking marijuana directly causes more negative effects on...

New Jersey Adult-Use Program Delayed

In November 2020, New Jersey citizens approved Question 1, the ballot measure to legalize cannabis. A few months later in February 2021, NJ Governor...

Pay to Play in MA . . .  Again?

Pay to Play in MA . . . Again?

Many cannabis cultivators had their applications rejected, except for one company whose $20 million marijuana cultivation facility was accepted, even though their initial site plan violated the city’s zoning requirement for a minimum buffer of 250 feet between the facility and the nearest residential property. Since then, the site plan has been changed to comply with city zoning, but many are questioning why it was accepted in the first place.