Nic Easley: A Cannabis Industry All-Star

by Christian Frisone | Cannabis News | 0 comments

When entering into the cannabis industry, there is always the scarce trait of experience in the market due to its recency and variability. That is where many will seek the counsel of cannabis consultants within their region to guide them through the process. A name that seems to always travel through the grapevine is Nic Easley, CEO and founder of 3C, the world’s leading strategic cannabis consulting firm. 


3C not only spreads throughout 26 states in the U.S. but also in 11 countries across the world with current expansions to more in progress. When it comes to the never ending issue of funding in the industry, Easley has also come to the rescue with his most recent company, Multiverse Capital, which has three different investment funds covering all sectors of the cannabis industry to help provide financing to growing cannabis institutions and projects. 


Nic Easley’s long line of experience and knowledge for the cannabis plant comes from his two degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology which has led to over 15 years of agricultural field and biological experience. In addition to his educational background and hands-on experience, Easley is also a Veteran of the United States Air Force and proficient in multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese. 


More recently, Easley has been turning some of his attention to the New York adult-use market as many others are doing as well. On August 27, he attended and spoke at the NECANN conference in Albany, where he educated a diverse audience of newcomers and pros of the industry on the licensing process coming to the Empire State this year. Some key topics from the presentation were the effects of IRC 280E, potency taxes, best practices for a successful cannabis business, and most importantly the details of the state’s license application process with an emphasis on the social equity side of things. Easley did acknowledge that while the New York process is unique and beneficial to Social Equity, he also feels there are some “weird” things going as well. An example of these unique aspects is the fact that the state is paying for the real estate and build out for the first round of license recipients for the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries and choosing the location for them. 


When applying for the CAURD, applicants will choose their preference on where they want their dispensary throughout the 14 different regions that have been made to separate the state. The location will then be chosen based on the best ability by the OCM to give the applicant their preference but the actual real estate location is chosen for them. Currently, there will be no vertical integration and this round comes with the requirement of being justice involved referring to the applicant having marijauna related offense in the state of New York. 


In agreement with Nic Easley, the New York cannabis licensing operation is promising but unique, which can lead to a variety of outcomes depending on how they continue to roll out the social equity process.


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