From day 1 of my internship, GreenLight was asking for me to speak up when I saw something that would be beneficial or something that could be improved. It was new to me to see that no matter the title, every voice was heard in company meetings. By hearing new ideas and building off of each other, some amazing things have been created. Jessica L.

Our Internship Program


Our training program encompasses a well-rounded understanding of how to become properly licensed for a cannabis business in Massachusetts, everything that goes into running a successful business, and real hands-on experience in the field.

Our interns work under the direct supervision of our Director of Client Services with weekly individual assignments as well as team projects. Interns observe client meetings,  help solve day to day problems, as well as create future programs and events. Interns can expect 15 hours of work a week including team meetings.  

Our Internship Program is highly selective with individual time and resources of our partners dedicated to each interns success. At GreenLight Business Solutions, we focus on making sure interns get the resources they need, the experience needed for jobs in the cannabis industry or outside,  and something all interns will benefit from no matter their major or area of focus. We have had interns from various fields such as media majors, art majors, law school students, etc. We strive to create and maintain an internship program that will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with selective intern classes every semester.


Greenlight Business Solutions LLC

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