Main Cannabis Strains


This document is perfect for aspiring budtenders, sales associates, owners or anyone who wants to understand cannabis strains. In this document, you will find a variety of popular cannabis flower strains in all three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Throughout, you will be able to see all the unique characteristics and benefits that make these the most popular strains including photos, THC and CBD percentages, terpenes and more.


In the first part of this guidance document, you will find the differences between Indica, Sativa and Hyrbid strains, plus what it all means.

On the following pages, there is a breakdown of the main cannabis strains including a picture, description, THC and CBD percentages, the main terpene in the strain, and the feeling one can expect after smoking the strain.

In the last section, our researchers have compiled the top strains that are currently being sold in Massachusetts and California.