Pure Passion. Pure Woman. Pure Cannabis.

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As the US cannabis market has continued to mature, the cannabis space has seen a number of topicals, suppositories, potions, and edibles enter the space that are particularly curated for women and their needs. Most products are specifically aimed  towards helping with women’s sexual health and wellness.

Whether you are shopping around for yourself or your partner, this Valentine’s season we want to highlight brands made for women, by women in the cannabis space.


I came across HighOnLove at MJBiz Conference this past November in Las Vegas, where attendees were being attracted left and right. HighOnLove had a beautiful display of products and samples that highlighted their company. HighOnLove is a Canadian based brand that carries a luxurious collection of hemp seed oil wellness and intimacy products designed to take your pleasure to new heights.

Each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Founder Angela Mustone trail-blazed a new era of sensual wellness and confidence while tying cannabis into it all when she created HighOnLove.

Her Highness NYC

Where cannabis meets style, we have Her Highness NYC. The  premier purveyors of female-forward cannabis couture – products and potions inspired by and engineered by women.

At Her Highness, all products are beautifully crafted and made from premium, naturally derived ingredients; never any parabens, sulfates, phthalates or aluminum. From Pre rolls to Pleasure Oils, CBD or THC, there is a wide variety of things to choose from all under one roof and in the most elegant packaging.

Kush Queen

Kush Queen is a high scale woman-owned cannabis brand. The Kush Queen product line includes award-winning cannabis infused bath bombs, transdermal topicals, flower, pre-rolls, edibles, wellness supplements, and skincare, something for everyone! Each product was crafted through a woman’s lens to focus on the wants and needs of women all over. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

Yummi Karma

Good vibes in a bottle is what Yummi Karma is all about. This brand is sister-founded and committed to uplifting women. The founders make it a mission to support in any way they can, one way they do is by working alongside causes that support women At Yummi, you can find a variety of flavored tinctures that leave a party in your mouth. In the early stages of the brand, the creators brought to life “Mood Magic YK Drops”, a sublingual tincture specifically for women to help with menstrual pain. A brand that is truly for the girls.



Juna’s mission is to design the most effective, plant-powered formulas for the modern woman. Created by two women who understood that in today’s society, more and more women are overworked, overstimulated and tired and they rose to the occasion. Juna is a leader in the female focused cannabis space and is a full scale line of plant-powered products to optimize mind, body, mood, and sleep. 


Quim is one of the most widely sought cannabis brands in the sexual wellness sphere. This is a for women, by women brand that not only has products that can be used to enhance a sexual experience but also focus on vaginal health in general. At Quim, they have formulated a line of plant-based products that keep your quim happy and healthy. In this legendary line up is the Smooth Operator, an intimate serum  and personal favorite that can be used to enhance your sexual experience with your partner or with yourself.