Rasta Rootz: Small Business with Big Energy

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Getting a cannabis business started is tough, but it can be made easier with attitudes like Fern’s Bent-Mullings, the CEO and founder of Rasta Rootz. Since 2019, GreenLight has been working with Rasta Rootz and oftentimes it feels like they are closer to being friends and family than clients. This was shown greatly when we were able to hang out and catch up at MJBizCon in Las Vegas this year! MJBizCon took place from November 15th to November 18th and had hundreds of business owners, experts, and assortments of products to connect with and learn about. It was a time of growth, fun, and exploration as new connections were made and old ones were solidified. 

While in Las Vegas, we were able to interview Fern about his experience getting into this industry and what it really takes to be successful. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you guys have come across thus far?

Being able to pivot with a team around you that you trust and not being afraid to pivot. I think that’s what can hold a lot of people back.”

What are some of the surprises or unexpected things you’ve come across?

“Being realistic with timelines and realizing that things will take longer than you hope. Understanding that the answer [for timelines] is coming from an educated source and also having to grow thick skin because you’re going to need it.”

What advice do you have for someone wanting to be in the [cannabis] industry?

“Be patient and build a strong team, don’t be afraid to throw ideas out there because you might have something good. Go with your gut and make sure you have people around you who have your best interests at heart.”

What can you say about GreenLight in this journey?

“We’ve been with GreenLight for about three and a half years now and they’re basically family in our house. We really appreciate GreenLight and love seeing them grow as a company- big love always.”

Rasta Rootz has had to pivot several times throughout their journey, but their team has continued to persevere and their spirit has never dwindled.  

Those at GreenLight can attest to the attitude and heart of Rasta Rootz. Fern has a passion for philanthropy and that shows up in his work. In response to a discrepancy with a positive impact plan, Fern said “We can do more than one organization. I am not just trying to meet a quota, I just want to help wherever I can.” He is also working with Boston House in the Toys for Tots drive and Ugly Sweater event on the 24th.

Rasta Rootz’s mission statement says it all: 

“Cannabis is our common cultural heritage. It’s a symbol of fellowship, more mainstream now than ever. Yet the average citizen feels lost — adrift in a sea of misinformation or disenfranchised by impersonal “corporate” cannabis. Rasta Rootz aims to rectify this situation. We want people to feel fully welcome in the community. The way we make that happen for people who share the same passion for perseverance, acceptance, and equity are what we call our Kind Practices.”


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