Social Equity Program

The Social Equity Program (SEP) is a free Massachusetts program offering training and assistance to help participants succeed in the cannabis industry. The selected SEP participants are those individuals most impacted by the War on Drugs, marijuana prohibition, disproportionate arrests and incarcerations.

Cannabis Control Commission

GreenLight Business Solutions is a proud CCC vendor for the Social Equity Program training courses. Our client base is extremely diverse, and we are dedicated advocates for the Social Equity Program participants and all those individuals who have been impacted by the War on Drugs. We strongly believe in fighting to end the stigma and discrimination that these populations have endured over the centuries.

New Bedford natives selected as cannabis consultants

NEW BEDFORD — A company run by New Bedford natives has been selected by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to train and mentor people who want to get into the legal marijuana business.

The commission chose GreenLight Business Solutions as one of six entities — both nonprofit and for-profit — that will move forward in a procurement process to offer state-funded training as part of the Social Equity Program.

The new program provides pathways into the business for Massachusetts residents who have been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition.

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“My favorite thing about the Social Equity Program taught by GreenLight was how easy going Mr. Correia was and how easy it was to understand what he meant. I really enjoyed this class and hopefully I will be able to take other classes from your agency since your instructors know what they are talking about and how to deliver the information in a concise and precise manner.”

“Ty brings years of experience. The course had a good mix of instruction and class participation.”

“All of the GreenLight instructors are very knowledgeable and share insight from their own experiences.”

“My favorite part of your course was getting great tips for finding buildings and real estate. I also appreciated the networking at the end of the course.”

“GreenLight makes even their online courses engaging and interactive. A very nice change.”

I really enjoyed how you all presented the materials. Always great when you’re entertained with the videos and learning from your wealth of knowledge and experience. Big take away about knowing the business not only from the business side but from the experience with Cannabis. Thanks so much”

 “This was a great class and somehow talking about cannabis delivery service business compliance helped to break my writer’s block and I was able to start writing a business plan.”

“I like how engaging they are and how they allow us to become a piece of the discussion.”

“My favorite part of GreenLight courses are the friendly instructors who made me feel like I am really becoming a part of this industry.”

“I enjoyed the class taught by GreenLight. I also enjoyed being able to connect face to face with other participants in a smaller setting with the networking activity.”

“My favorite thing about GreenLight courses is the instructor’s ability to offer more subversive information in a light and cumulative way”

“This is my fifth class with GreenLight and it was a great class as usual! I’ve enjoyed all of the GreenLight sponsored courses.”

“My favorite part of the course was the information, I didn’t know there are 3 species of cannabis, or the first place it was documented was in China.”

“Thanks for the information and I look forward to communicating & collaborating with your team at some point in the immediate future!”

“GreenLight gives the course information in a no-nonsense manner. “

This and the Business Plan Creation course were my favorite courses by far. The information you all have imparted on us is invaluable. Working my way through those two courses have pushed my Business Plan drafts much closer to legitimacy than I would’ve gotten in this span of time on my own. Thank you!”

“Great Job, presenting. I can’t wait to put our business plan in action, once I get the pro forma done. That seems in itself harder than the plan. But it is starting to mirror the plan, I see it in the financial projections, not complete but really cool to be able to get something out of the plan creation. Hopefully someday I will be an example for future cohorts. Thank you.”

“Fantastic course. It was a great experience with great dialogue.”

“I appreciate GreenLight putting their materials online. Unlimited online access to the materials is very convenient. Materials are very organized and easy to understand.”

“I learned a lot of new things from the course and appreciated the real-world tips instead of just reading from a PowerPoint.”

“I loved the energy and the deliverance of the information.”

“I really appreciated the quizzes for the course. They were quality questions requiring a good understanding of the materials.”

“Online quizzes from GreenLight have been good and force us to read the regulations and review class material for the correct answers.”

“The online portion of the course was well organized and easy to follow.”

“My favorite part of the course was how Rico broke up the heavy, data-concentrated components of the course with Rico’s insight on Human Resources.”

“I really appreciated the instructor’s ability to break down the legal component of the course into a way I could understand it.”

An engaged class comprised of members of the Cannabis Control Commission's Social Equity Program taught by GreenLight Business Solutions, LLC.

“My favorite part of the course was the expertise advice that your instructors offered from their first hand experience working and succeeding in this field.”

“I wish the course was longer than 3 hours. The instructors had much more knowledge to share.”

“Two thumbs up, don’t change anything.”

“My favorite part of the Municipal Approval Process course was the real tips on how to go through town ordinances.”

“I absolutely enjoyed the course from GreenLight. It was very lively and fun. The course was well-run and didn’t stay on one topic too long.”

“I enjoy the Q&A sessions at the end of every GreenLight course. The instructors are all very knowledgeable.”

“The speakers had high energy, motivating, even funny at times! I appreciated that two of the instructors have cannabis licenses of their own.”

“I appreciated GreenLight running through an actual example of a CMR. To see it all broken down was very helpful.”

“The online quizzes were helpful and a great way to emphasize critical relevant information.”