Turkey ‘n Chill: Green Wednesday 2022

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Everyone in the U.S., for the most part, knows about Black Wednesday. Black Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving where people go out to drink and celebrate. Long behold the new trend (and preferred for some): Green Wednesday!

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday is the same as Black Wednesday, but instead people consume cannabis. The day was created by a cannabis delivery company in California in 2016, Eaze, after seeing their sales skyrocket the day before Thanksgiving.

How do you celebrate Green Wednesday?

Any. Way. You. Want. Hate flower, but LOVE edibles? Go buy some edibles, or if the opposite is true, buy some more flower! Honestly, some non-smokers even participate… everyone needs a doobie or two around the holidays.

What’s the catch?

There is seriously no catch whatsoever! I guess, though, there is one. If you are reading this article and live in Indiana, unfortunately you cannot legally participate, as cannabis is illegal. However, if you live in any other of the 21 states where cannabis is legal, then more power to you!

Overall the popularity around Green Wednesday can show one big thing: 1) The stigma around cannabis continues to break down, and cannabis is increasingly becoming an integral part of Americans’ holiday celebrations. For instance, the average consumer anticipates they will spend $100 or more on products they enjoy, gift or share with others. Past data shows that cannabis dispensaries see an increase of up to 55% in sales on Green Wednesday.

If you plan on participating and go to a dispensary today, remember, it will more than likely be extremely busy, so go early or pre-order! Remember to give your budtenders some grace… they’re people too (the best people!). If you want to learn more about your local dispensary’s deals, you’ll have some luck on Leafly or Weedmaps. I think it would be wise to look for deals on smokers’ accessories, too!


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