What to do Before Your State Legalizes

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Are there certain steps individuals advocating for cannabis should take? New York and Connecticut have recently both put out warnings on gifting cannabis before proper licensing for retail sales are put into place, but legalization would not have been possible without ground level advocacy and law firms drafting policy for the states. Currently, both states have legalized and are expecting sales to begin later this year entering into early 2023, and “big brother” is watching. Before both states’ laws are set in stone, it’s important to set the right tone for how one will want to enter the market and abide by the current and future laws.

Here are four key aspects an individual entering the market should focus on:

  1. Start Networking with Experts in Cannabis Law and Recreational Sales in the Community.

Many networking groups across the country come together to talk about progressive conversations within the industry. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Consider them seriously. During your initial interactions with your new network, focus on who you are rather than what your company might do. Share your expertise with others, and establish yourself as a professional worth following, whether by your personality, enthusiasm, or experience.

While also creating your network, think about networking with local and state government officials. Given that the industry is new to almost, if not all, the localities within any freshly legalized state, reaching out to them and making yourself known is important. Show that you are knowledgable and the “go-to” person for anything cannabis related. Building relationships from the start demonstrates that you are willing to take the lead and become their industry expert. More on this below!

2. Cultivate Partnerships with Individuals and Businesses

Seeking out partnerships will prevent one from becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of connections made. As one networks within the community, do not be afraid to ask those around any questions. It will build curiosity and also offers an opportunity to share ideas.

3. Educate and Read!

Learning about cannabis has never been easier with many websites containing vast assortments of marijuana-related content, like Weedmaps, Leafly, and Cannabis Training University. Becoming educated in the cannabis industry will help not only build relationships, but also down the line when thinking about opening a Marijuana Establishment. Education can aid building a business plan, finance, and growth projections, and solidify one’s reputation within the industry. Daily newsletter’s from Marijuana Moment is also a helpful resource to get a glimpse of what is currently happening in the industry at the local, state, federal, and international level.

4. Keep your Ear to the Ground!

Be in touch with what your community needs and wants. If the opportunity arises to open a Marijuana Establishment, know the community the business will operate in. Get to know influential people within the neighborhood and begin getting to know local government officials. Given the industry being so new, local governments are still learning and adjusting themselves. Be a point of contact for them and even better, bring them solutions. Being the person local governments think of when a question or problem arises puts one on their good side. Offering educational materials or simply being available to speak further about legal cannabis is the first step in breaking the stigma.

Overall, there’s no right way to go about entering the industry or being part of the legalization movement. However, the steps outlined above will make the process easier and in the long run become a very fulfilling career.

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